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Saturday, May 14, 2005

When Harry Met Sushi

Friday night, Lady Steakhead and I met up with some good friends at the popular Harry & Sons in Virginia Highlands to hear about their 3 week trip to South Africa. As most folks are probably aware, "Harry" specializes in Thai dishes and sushi. When someone offers two totally different ethnic cuisines in the same restaurant, this usually raises a yellow flag for me. I have been to Harry & Sons on countless occasions, and being the sushi buff that I am, I almost always go for the sushi. But I think I need to change that behavior (especially after coming back from Nobu last weekend).

Last night, I started with the spicy beef salad, which was decent. Meat wasn't the tenderest I have ever had, but it was seasoned well, and you get an ample amount of it. Next, the wife and I began ordering a la cart sushi. We ALWAYS order too much. And after 2 pieces, she says "Honey, I'm full". So now I'm staring at 2 plates of assorted rolls, pieces, wasabi, that's enough to probably feed three. (So much for trying to stay low carb.)

The two areas where Harry scores well are for location in Va-Hi, and the sushi is cheap. $1.50 for most pieces, with some more expensive rolls. The sushi, though, I would say is pretty average. The spicy tuna and yellowtail rolls are absolutely nothing to write home about. There is decent variety for specialty rolls- we tried the Tropical Roll, but at $12, I'm not sure its something I am dying to try again.

What this place really comes down to is if you are looking for a fun place in the Highlands, and the fun and company mean more than the food, Harry's is a logical choice. You can easily go next door to Dark Horse, Limerick or Atkins afterwards and continue your night in the Highlands. If you are looking for decent food in the Highlands or are specifically looking for sushi, there are better choices. Grade: C+.


Blogger The Muse said...

Okay, since I'm still not (yet) a fan of sushi, I'm not really gleaning any excitement from the last two reviews... But if I were a sushi fan, I'm sure I'd be appreciative.

How about Thai food? (My one true love, I'm sure.)

8:04 AM  
Blogger Steakhead said...

Love thai. Funny thing about Atlanta is there are a whole host of great Thai places, but finding a good Chinese place is close to impossible. Tamarind and Nan are at the top of the list, both in Midtown (same owner). Thai Chili on Briarcliff is also very good. If you're a fan of spicy Papaya Salad (if done right, its awesome and can be extremely hot), go to Little Bangkok on Chesire Bridge on Tuesdays (a weekly special).

9:37 AM  

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