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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

O' Sushi Mio

Out of the many numerous articles written in the AJC about Sandy Springs incorporation in the past year, the one two months ago about the growing ethnic restaurant population got my eye. And sure enough, if you peruse the strip malls that line Roswell Rd., you will find a host of middle eastern and Far Eastern establishments. Given my love of sushi, I immediately put Sushi Mio on my list given the decent review.

The first challenge one may have with Sushi Mio is merely finding it. It is located in a fairly old, very ugly (of course) strip mall just south of the Punchline. The inside decor is very minimalist, so combine this with the outside appearance, this is not a place that aims to impress at first glance.

When first seated, we were greeted by the friendly staff and presented with hot towels. I did find there was a considerable delay between the time we ordered and arrival of the food to be a little longer than I expected, especially since the place was just about empty. But all in all, the service was adequate.

I started with the Miso Soup, pretty much a standard for me at sushi places and my wife ordered the gomae (a spinach salad with a peanut dressing). While the soup was quite good, the gomae was less than satisfactory. The dressing was overpowering and the spinach did not taste fresh at all. I was preparing myself for a disappointing dinner.

We ordered a various assortment of sushi (the cooked variety for the prego wife)- unagi, maguro, hamachi, sake and two rolls. Much to my delight, the sushi was surprisingly good. The pieces were cut rather large, and the consistency was of the "melt in your mouth" distinction. The rolls were even better. Unlike most spicy tuna rolls, Mio's spicy tuna roll is big on the tuna and little on the rice. And the spice does not come from some gloppy sauce like some other place I won't name. The second roll was for Lady Steakhead- a concoction of crab wrapped with unagi- which as also very good. Unfortunately, I didn't leave any room to try Mio Roll #2- a hamachi roll, fried-shrimp with ponzu sauce. Next time, I guess.

Oh, and there will be a next time. While it does not rank up there with Soto or MF, it is a heck of a lot closer...and cheaper. And while not being quite the same experience as Twist or Shout, sometimes you just want some good sushi and go home. Grade: B.


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