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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Those Silly French

There's a reason why I state on my blog that I rarely eat French. They just do things in a restaurant that I don't understand. I met a friend yesterday for lunch at the French American Brasserie, and for the most part it was pleasant enough, although, both us being sports-loving, steak eating guys, we found only one thing that sounded attractive- the roasted lamb sandwich. But for me, the whole meal will be remembered for one thing- no refills for our Diet Cokes.

I know this seems really trivial to harp on, but c'mon. A) It wasn't like they were giving us bottles or cans, these were fountain drinks. B) It's lunch time, and its not like I had the option of nice white from the Loire valley. C) This place can be pricey- Ordering off the lunch menu, with a roquefort and peppercorn oil for a bread (by the way- don't order this- totally not worth the $6 charge), and paying $5 to park we each spent over $25 for lunch. At dinner, you will be lucky to get out for under $50pp with a glass of wine and sharing an appetizer. Is there really a need for this kind of nickel and dime move when you are paying this much?


Blogger aanderson said...

Steakhead, no offense, but you should probably stick with steak if these charges trouble you - though I don't know that you could find a cheaper lunch at Bone's or Chops? At an upscale restaurant, it's not about the Diet Coke, it's about the user experience. But I do love your blog anyway!

12:35 PM  

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