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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What Exactly Is a Gastropub?

Considering I never heard of the word "Gastropub" a year and a half ago, I am beginning to think it has already lost its meaning. I have been to three so-called Gastropubs in Atlanta and they are all completely different. The first, Tap, is a nice bar with a great patio. The food wasn't all that inspiring. The second, Holeman & Finch, has a menu that can best be described by this layman as odd. Given the term comes from England, their interpretation is probably fairly authentic. The third was my visit today to The Glenwood. Their take is apparently "smoky dive bar" with food.

I needed more info so upon looking at wikipedia, it apparently is merely a bar with high-quality food, above "pub grub". Pretty vague. I suppose, The Glenwood fits this description in several ways. First, it is first and foremost a bar. While the food may be decent, you would never mistake it for a white tablecloth establishment. No separate dining room, cigarette smoke lingering in the air, a shuffleboard table in the corner. Second, the menu does provide more upscale chow than a typical bar. The menu isn't as off-the-wall as Holeman & Finch, which I found to be a plus, but there are a few intersting takes, such as the Turducken Burger and Rabbit Brunswick Stew. I went with the Eastern NC BBQ Sandwich, a generous portion which had a great blend of vinegar and spice.

Unfortunately for me, though, the place just looks too much like a divey bar to want to spend a couple of hours eating there. There are just too many good choices in Atlanta to give up that much on atmosphere. But if I happen to be in the area late night and want a brew or two, no problem.

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Blogger Leslie said...

I'm kind of over gastropubs... especially TAP. That place has so much hype, and for what I'm not sure.

10:12 AM  

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