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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Move Over Taqueria del Sol- Lime in Smyrna Impresses!

On a recent visit to Taqueria del Sol, I asked the owner if he had any plans to expand north of the Perimeter. The question was scoffed at, and the answer was unsatisfying. But after a visit to Lime, a new taqueria in the West Village complex off of Atlanta Rd and I-285, I no longer crave for lunchtime lines on Howell Mill Rd.

Lime is an appropriate name for this place as you will see the theme played out over and over again in decor and menu. The name alone had me craving a tall margarita from the moment I walked in. Comparing Lime to Taqueria del Sol may be easy, but I'm not sure if it's very fair. After all, there is much more to Lime's menu than tacos. And besides the $3 a la carte price, the taco selections aren't even that similar. I found Lime to be much more robust and daring in its taco offerings. For example, we went with the fried catfish, carne asada, chorizo, and grilled lobster tacos. There was even a chicken mole taco, though we didnt try it. Each taco has its own take on salsas and accoutrements. For instance, the fried catfish taco is served with mango jalapeno slaw and lime.

While there are full entrees available at Lime, we stuck primarily with the smaller dishes this night. The margarita helped wash down the 4 Salsa and Chips, which included several spicy offerings. To accompany the tacos, we also ordered the ceviche of the day and a tamale. Both were excellent. The ceviche was a shrimp and talapia dish, served in a margarita glass, with diced pepperes, jalapenos, cilantro, tomato and avacado. The tamale was traditional featuring braised steak, cornmeal and wrapped in the corn husk.

All aspects of Lime were excellent. The atmosphere (I hear they have salsa dancing on weekend nights), the drinks, the food, the service. We will definitely be going back!

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Blogger Leslie said...

Love this great review -- we have a certificate there and I can't wait to try!!

8:52 AM  

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