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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tequilas and Ceviches in Roswell

I am a big fan of ceviches, the tangy Latin American marinated seafood dish. When in Cozumel earlier this year, we made a specific trip to the east side of the island where beach bars without electricity serve up ceviches and cold margaritas. When I heard about a restaurant in Roswell with the same name, you could imagine how excited I was.

Lady Steakhead and I kicked off the holiday weekend with a much anticipated visit to Ceviche last night. Located in historic Roswell on Canton Rd., Ceviche seems to be quite the popular place these days. By a little after 6, all the inside tables were full, and by 6:30 the few outside tables on the sidewalk were occupied as well. The place feels very Mexican beach authentic in terms of the lack of decor. A ratty tapestry nailed into a barely-painted white cinderblock wall constitutes the only "art" in the place. Dont worry about getting too comfy in the plastic chairs. And as for worrying about Little Steakhead making too much noise? No worries about that either since its so loud that no one would ever hear her.

In looking at the menu, a part of me felt this place was misnamed. There are only 3 cevishes on the menu, but there is a completely seperate menu with 15 or so different tequilas. But maybe the name "Tequila" would frighten off the family-friendly crowd they have definitely attracted, so scratch that. My first order was for a Patron Silver 'rita on the rocks with the shrimp ceviche. Being the beginning of the holiday weekend, I felt compelled to go pseudo- top shelf with the liqour, though at a price of $12, I wasn't counting on too many of them. And unfortunately, its not like some big Lulu's fish bowl of a glass, only a medium size lowball glass. Probably good for the crowd, but at $12, I should have gone house brand for $5.

The ceviche was not quite what I expected either. It was served in the same lowball glass as the margarita, and served with a red tomato juice that completely overpowered the conventional tastes of lime and peppers. And, while I can't verify this, but the shrimp had the taste and texture of being cooked and chilled, as opposed to being marinated. Probably wouldn't order this again.

For a main course, I went with the steak tacos, which were served with corn tortillas. Man I love corn tortillas, so much better than their flour siblings. This was decent, and about what you would expect.

In the end, I enjoyed several elements of our trip to Ceviche. Not an expensive meal, good margaritas, and a real hole in the wall ambiance. I lalso love the fact that it is a family run business (the family actually has two other restaurants on the same block). But will it stand out from the run-of-the-mill fare at El Azteca? Work on the ceviche offerings (since that is your name), and absolutely.

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