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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Taste of Sandy Springs This Sunday

I often state that the biggest thing I have missed since moving from Cabbagetown to Sandy Springs has been the lack of great, non-chain restaurants in Sandy Springs vs. my former haunts. To be fair, there are a few very good ones in my new hood, such as Rumi's Kitchen. But this is the burbs, and currently, the chains dominate.

But one thing Sandy Springs has that Cabbagetown didn't is a food festival (Chomp & Stomp doesn't count- that's more of a drink festival if you know what I mean). While the overall participating restaurant list isn't very inspiring (Kroger, Baskin & Robbins, Caribou Coffee amongst others), there are a few places that are winners (Eclipse di Luna, Rumi's, Food 101, Slope's), and there are a few places I am curious to try (Nancy G's, Mambo Italiano, Ramon's). To find out more, go to



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