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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mobile Again

Well after 4 weeks of hobbling and limping around, things are finally starting to get better. Not that the limp is completely gone, but at least I'm much more mobile. Good enough to make it to a few restaurants and even play 54 holes of golf last weekend (I have now officially lost all sympathy from Lady Steakhead due to this). One of my first stops with my new found mobility was Vita.

Vita occupies the space that Mick's used to have on Peachtree Rd. near Piedmont Hospital. Vita is the creation of Tony La Rocca, who started the recently closed Fratelli di Napoli on Bennett St. It's a beautiful open space with lots of dark tones. Our server was very attentive to our needs, including helping replace the several broken high chairs for Little Steakhead (maybe worth an investment in some new ones, if you want to be considered family centric).

For an appetizer, we split the mussels fra diavlo. The mussels selection here is unique as you can have them 5 different ways (wine and garlic, marinara, cream poblano sauce, wine and gorgonzola, and fra diavlo). There are two slices of bread on the bottom of the bowl that allow you to sop up the sauce. For me, this dish was the highlight of my dinner.

For most part, the menu features basic Italian fare- pastas, parmagianas, picatas, etc. With prices in the teens for most of these dishes, I should have known better than ordering the $26 Tony's veal chop. This dish was described as a breaded veal chop with tomatoes, basil and balsamic vinaigrette and sounded unique. What actually came was something like a veal cutlet with a bone in it.The tomatoes were chunky and I could barely taste the vinaigrette. Not worth the $26 price tag. Lady Steakhead had the penne with artichoke hearts, olives and tomatoes. Good, but not a very Steakheady dish. Next time, I will stay simple and have the veal parm.

I liked Vita, with just a few nits. One was my particular order, which was my fauly for not understanding the dish when I ordered it. Second, while the entrees for the most part are well priced, I thought the mussels ($11) and the wine (the cheapest Pinot Noir glass was $10) were slightly high. I will give it another chance to see how the more basic dishes turn out. If I can get a decent meal for 2 with a glass of wine each in the 60-70 range, it would be a keeper.


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