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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BBQ Challenge & Green Beer

In the South, I have learned that one must tread lightly when discussing barbecue joints. Expressing partiallity to one place over the other can be equated to one wearing Gator colors to a Georgia fan, or donning a #24 hat to an Earnhardt fan. Looks like my review of the brisket at Fox Brothers has garnered some attention. I have been asked by Cliff Bostock to do a comparison between Fox Brothers and Rolling Bones and it is a request that I will happily undertake. And why not make it an event? This St. Patrick's Day, to celebrate my Welsh/German heritage, a Jewish friend and I will be hitting Rolling Bones and Fox Brothers for a lunchtime tour de force of brisket sampling, then making our way to Limerick Junction for a few libations. If anyone is interested in joining, please email me at

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Blogger Leslie said...

Hmm, a noble challenge. I tried Swallow @ The Hollow in Roswell this week and loved it.

4:36 PM  

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