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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Introducing fanBunker!

While this is first and foremost a food site, I wanted to let you know of another project I have been working on for the last year. Some of you may know that along with being a foodie, I am a die hard sports fan. A Mets fan living in Atlanta...not an easy life :). Just like restaurant reviews, the blogosphere has completely changed the way fans digest sports content. Whereas in years past, there were only a handful of sources to get sports content on your favorite team, now there is a seemingly endless supply of relevant (and not so relevant) sites that try to fill that need. Who has the time to figure out where all those sites are?

That is where fanBunker comes in. A one-stop shop for all the best content on your favorite teams. The local beat writer side-by-side with your team's best bloggers. I have included the fanBunker links to the Atlanta teams in the side bar for you to check out.

But now back to the business of this site- food! Although I am travelling this week, I am looking to hit the new restaurant STATS this weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!



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