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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Why Two Urban Licks Is One of My Favorite Places

I really like Two Urban Licks. And I especially like it as a restaurant for out-of-town friends. Friday night, we went out with friends that were visiting from Kansas City and this place was a perfect destination. Why? Well for starters, there is something chic about a place that you can't find. With no signage on Ralph McGill, I drove by it once and almost a second time, and I have been there multiple times. But chicness oozes out of Two's every pore. The old warehouse location, the weird drive-thru valet, the jazz band in the bar, and the bonfire in the middle of the restaurant all help to let you know you may not be cool enough to eat here.

The barrels of wine are another unique aspect of the dining experience here. And with our friends being wine enthusiasts, we were able to experiment with several varietals. Now, most of this is lost on me, as I pretty much have been ordering Pinot Noirs exclusively ever since seeing the movie Sideways for the first time. So it was nice being with someone who knew what they were doing and assumed the wine ordering duties.

Places that rock in atmosphere often have trouble living up to that standard in the kitchen, but Two comes close. The menu is a lot like a Bruce Springsteen concert. The set list may change nightly, but the old standbys are always there. The calamari appetizer is served with a sweet honey glaze and are amongst the best in town. We also shared the crawfish and corn beignets and the fried green tomatoes. All very good. My main course, I had the seared tuna, served rare with a spicy dressing and edamame, which was outstanding. The wives ordered the Bronzed Scallops over gouda grits, which were also very good.

I have been a fan of Two Urban Licks from my first visit during an ice storm three years ago. Given the "fire" theme of this place, it was a somewhat ironic first experience. But the combination of food and atmosphere, and with prices that won't break the bank, it remains one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta. And your out-of-town friends will be impressed!

Steakhead Recommends: Absolutely!
Prices: $$-$$$

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