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Friday, August 31, 2007

Ecco Emerges from the Haze

When Lady Steakhead lived in Midtown a couple of years ago, the building on the corner of Cypress and 7th was a grey cinderblock nightclub called Haze. A crumbling hotel sat across the street. Today, the Spire, a gleaming glass high-rise, now sits across the street. And in the place of Haze is Ecco, the latest entry by the Fifth Group restaurants.

Ecco has been on our list for sometime, partly because we remember how this area used to look a short time ago. And with this being Midtown Restaurant Week, this was a perfect excuse to have a date night.

The day was filled with highs and lows. First the lows, I learned this was the last weekend for McCray’s in its current location. Damn, I really liked that bar. Once of the few great hangout bars in Midtown- really reminded me of NYC. Then a high- we discovered the new Midtown location of Marlow’s Tavern. This will take McCray’s place. In fact, I’m meeting a fellow Mets fan there tonight before heading down to the Ted.

But, as this blog is primarily about food, let’s get on to the main course, our dinner at Ecco. I want to give Ecco a lot of credit for giving a great selection of their regular menu for restaurant week. They didn’t cut portion sizes of the entrees, and even included an entrée that normally sells for $24. For appetizers, I went with the Mussels (the only dish on the Restaurant Week menu that is not the normal size), while LS went with the fried goat cheese with honey. I’m not a huge goat cheese fan, but this was pretty good- the cheese, pepper and honey created a nice blend of sweet and spice. I was happy to see one of the entrée choices was the chili-braised pork with pappardelle. The pork was very tender, and the red chili sauce had a good little kick to it. The wife’s choice of the braised lamb was good, but she thought a little too heavy for the time of year. My dessert was one of the oddest I have ever had- an olive oil poundcake with rosemary ice cream. And it tasted exactly like it sounds- sort of like salad dressing cookies with garlic bread ice cream. Like I said, odd.

The service was very good and the place was packed, probably due to Restaurant Week. It’s nice to see continued development of Midtown, especially off Peachtree St. This was an area you may have been nervous to walk at night several years ago. Now, it’s a destination restaurant in the shadow of Midtown high-rise living. Very cool to see.

Steakhead Recommends: Definitely for Restaurant Week
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Blogger Leslie said...

I also went to Ecco this week (review in blog) and had the olive oil cake for dessert. I loved the rosemary ice cream... I thought it was divine! The friend I dined with had the pappardelle, and I had the pizza. The pizza was sort of the vanilla choice, but well executed. Will you go back? I will.

5:10 PM  
Blogger Steakhead said...

Hey Leslie- Yes, we will probably go back. As for olive oil cake, that's another story :)

4:57 AM  

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