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Sunday, May 11, 2008

What's Mother's Day Without Fried Goat Cheese?

Mother's Day is one of those holidays that turn places into true family-friendly restaurants that might not normally be that way. Take Ecco in Midtown, for example. I called ahead of time to see if kids would be welcome for their special Mother's Day brunch, and if they had high chairs. After hearing they would, I booked my reservation through Open Table (wanted my 100 points, you know). I later learned they don't normally carry any high chairs. They had planned to rent them for the day, but their supplier fell through. Ecco was really on the ball, and called us to let us know and to advise us to bring our own booster chair. They must have had a lot of calls to make, as most tables had small children, and many of those folks got the advanced word and brought their own boosters as well.

As soon as I told Lady Steakhead about our reservations at Ecco, she began salivating over the Fried Goat Cheese. And for good reason as I love the way the taste of the cheese mixes with the honey and peppercorns. We also sampled some of their cured meats and salamis. This was definitely the highlight of our brunch. I ordered the pizza as it was something that could be easily shared with Little Steakhead. Good, but not as good as the fried cheese. Lady Steakhead had something that resembled a quiche. It didn't live up to the fried cheese either. That's the downfall of having one of the best appetizers in Atlanta...the main courses may not live up in comparison.

The staff was great, and our waiter made sure that our Mother's Day brunch was the special occasion we were looking for. We'll definitely be back, even if its just for the fried cheese. It's that good.

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