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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Inaugural Top 5 List- Best Patios/Decks

Y'all remember the Friends episode of the "Top 5" list- the folks you can sleep with without it being considered cheating on your sig other. Well, on a less sinful track, I will periodically post my thoughts on Top 5 restaurants, bars, hangout spots every month. With Memorial Day weekend right around the corner, we'll start with the Top 5 patios and decks. Places that are perfect for enjoying the great Atlanta weather, a cool beverage and maybe the company of hot date.

5- Steamhouse lounge (Buckhead)- While there are much better seafood places in town, this fun, casual watering hole in Buckhead scores on people watching. Best enjoyed on a weekend afternoon.

4- Front Page News (Midtown)- Good creole food and location on Crescent St in Midtown make this a great happy hour location, dinner spot and even late night destination.

3- The Treehouse (Peachtree Hills)- The patio is relatively small, but the food is good and always its crowded withBuckhead and Midtown yuppies and young urbanites.

2- $3 Cafe (Buckhead)- You know what you are getting at $3 Cafe in terms of food, but the deck is large, there are plenty of TVs and its a great meeting spot for large groups. On weekend afternoons, there is usually a band playing. Not necessarily a people watching destination, as its extremely casual, but almost always fun.

1- Neighbors (Virginia-Highlands)- The best deck in town, hands down. Great any evening, although sometimes you may have to wait for a table. The food is decent, and the scene is superb. Definitely a place I would take Lindsey Lohan when she comes to town ;)

You disagree with the above assessment? Feel free to share your thoughts.


Blogger The Muse said...

I am totally with you on Steamhouse and Neighbors - I prefer FPN in L5P myself, but that's only because I love watching that mix of people. And Fellini's on Ponce ain't too shabby.

12:15 PM  

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