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Friday, October 21, 2005

Bones- Where Men are Men and the Steaks are Nervous

This place is Old School. And let me emphasize “old”. I am 37, and my buddy Wingman and I were just about the youngest people in the joint (except for the two insanely underdressed Georgia Tech students sipping Grand Ma at the bar). Bones is Downtown Vegas as Chops or New York Prime is to Bellagio. There is nothing flashy about this place, including most of the clientele. It’s where men, precisely old men, go to eat. I have seen more women eating at the restaurant at the Cheetah than I saw at Bones last night. One guy was nice enough to bring his girlfriend there for her birthday, but by the looks of them, it seemed it was more for his sake than hers.

As for food, there are plenty of appetizers to choose from, including soups, salads, smoked salmon and shrimp. The Lobster Bisque I ordered was a nice complement to the steak, although the lobster stock could have been heartier.

Bones offers the standard variety of cuts in their steak menu. Bones “no nonsense” approach to décor and atmosphere can also be seen in their approach to steaks. We each had the ribeye, which comes cowboy cut (bone-in). A healthy 22-oz chop cooked perfectly. Bones does not season their meat to the degree others do, leaving the taste of the meat to stand on its own. I probably would prefer a little more seasoning than bones offers, but this is definitely better than over-seasoned. The steak’s presentation matches the overall atmosphere at Bones. The meat isn’t over-seared and the ribeye cut was not the thickest steak I have ever had (which is not necessarily a bad thing). A simple white plate with a slab of meat.

And that is Bones. It’s not the nicest looking place. It’s not the best place to hangout at the bar while waiting for your table. And it’s definitely not a place for hip single people to meet. It’s an old man’s steakhouse. And at that, Bones does a decent job. I, for one, go for the trendy ambiance of some of the newer upscale steakhouses, so it’s probably not the highest on my list. But for what it is, Bones delivers. Grade: B.


Blogger L1 said...

Hey Steakhead:

Boy, you are right about the Old Male quotient at Bones. The first time I ate there, it was at the end of a very boozy Friday night happy hour.

I marched in there with my friend Beth. The place was packed, and we didn't have a reservation.

Apparently two single women in their 30's just don't walk into Bones off the street with the intention of buying their own dinners.

Long Story Short: We were seated in a prime position within 5 minutes. We got a free dessert, too. Bonus.

1:56 AM  

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