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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Staley's Not-So-Amazing Grace

Staley's Grace is a new restaurant on Crescent St. in Midtown. I am having a very difficult time remembering what used to occupy the corner of Crescent and 12th St., but from a visual perspective, Staley's Grace yellow exterior, front porch and red awnings are a welcome addition. Unfortuntately, beyond the visual, there is not much else.

Staley's Grace bills itself as an "International Bistro" and "Art Emporium". The walls are decorated with works from local artists (including photographer Nick Carpentieri- a close friend) which can be purchased on the spot. That part works. The "International Bistro"...well that's a little pushing it. Some of the appetizers had a minor asian flair- the spring rolls were actually quite tasty- but the majority of the menu is pretty uninspiring. And not that good either.

We sampled the fried calamari which was basically a plate of bread crumbs. If you would have told me there was no actual calamari hidden there at all, I would not have been shocked. One of their specials was a shrimp bisque which was served luke warm and really didn't have any taste. I had the lobstrer ravioli for a main course which was similarly devoid of taste. The lobster meat was so ground up and overpowered by a thick tomato-based sauce, it could have just as well been ricotta cheese and I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference.

On the plus side, the bartenders were very engaging and interested in my impressions of the food and I gave them a very honest response. Get focused, do fewer things, but do them well. The "International Bistro" theme is a bit too "jack of all trades, master of none". And in this town, and that location, this is not a winning strategy. Grade: C-.


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