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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Kabob Madness at Rumi's Kitchen

After recent favorable reviews of Rumi’s Kitchen by both the AJC and The Blissful Glutton, I knew I needed to pay a visit to this Persian eatery in my backyard of Sandy Springs. We arrived at 6:30 on a Saturday night and the initial indications were very positive- a valet stand parking a steady stream of Mercedes, Lexus (is the plural Lexi?), and BMWs, and trouble being seated if you had no reservation. The positive press was definitely having an impact.

Although we had no reservation, the staff did find room for Lady Steakhead, Baby Steakhead and myself in the already crowded dining room. The restaurant is relatively new at 6 months, and the décor takes Persian to a more upscale, trendy level than other Persian options I have been to on Roswell Rd. (a haven for this type of cuisine). For starters, Lady Steakhead can never turn down stuffed grape leaves (Dolmeh). The meat seemed slightly more seasoned than the typical Mediterranean variety, which I found to be a plus. On the lighter side, we also split a Shirazi Salad, which entails diced cucumbers, tomatoes and onions.

Persian cuisine is heavenly for meat-eaters like myself. Kabobs dominate the menu. Now when I think of kabobs, I think of diced cuts of meat, on a stick, interspersed with vegetables. Persian kabobs are more Steakhead's style- large strips of meat, no stick, and most importantly, no vegetables! I decided to go with the Soltani Kabob- a combination of a seasoned ground beef kabob (Koobideh) and the tenderloin kabob (Barg). I am unfortunately pre-programmed to believe 2 universal truths- Tenderloin is better than ground beef, and More Expensive tastes better than Less Expensive. This simplistic thinking has gotten me into trouble before, and again did not serve me well this night. The tenderloin kabob is cut very thin, and cooked too well done for tastes. Good, but not something I would order again. However, I loved the ground beef kabob. And for only $11, a plate of Koobideh Kabobs may be one of the best deals in the city. Lady Steakhead had the lamb kabob, which was also outstanding.

The service at Rumi’s is also a big thumbs up. They definitely go out of their way to make you feel welcome, and help you navigate the menu (and which rice to get with which dish). So what did I learn in my trip to Rumi’s? 1) Make a reservation, as this is one of the better restaurants on the Roswell Rd. corridor in Sandy Springs. 2) Sometimes, maybe the tenderloin isn’t the best option on the menu. About Less Expensive tasting better than More Expensive…well, I may still be a work in progress here. But at Rumi’s, I will admit its possible.

Steakhead Recommends: Yes
Price: $$


Blogger The Muse said...

I've never had actual Persian food. Moroccan? Yep. Greek? Definitely. I'll have to add this to the list.

PS - Am I the only one excited that the latest Atlanta Magazine is the Best New Restaurants issue?

1:41 PM  

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