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Friday, June 30, 2006

Anniversary Dinner Tonight

Tonight, Lady Steakhead and I celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary at our favorite restaurant in town- The Lobster Bar at Chops. Now you would think with a name like Steakhead, that the meat would be the focus of my night. But the appetizers at a place like this is where a meal can be won or lost.

We have been known to go for the shellfish tower- a fantastic display of culinary conspicuous consumption. On the lighter side, the lobster bisque may be a way to save room for the carnivorous feast to come. If 22-oz of ribeye aren't enough to satisfy your need for meat, the steak tartare prepared tableside is an excellent choice. So many choices, my head is spinning - and my stomach growling- at the thought of it all. 9 hours to go! Now its off to lunch and likely something barely edible. I hate the food court.


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