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Monday, May 15, 2006

Authenticity Served at Sushi Huku

Sushi Huku on Powers Ferry Rd. is quickly becoming one of my favorite sushi places in Atlanta. The place has a very authentic feel to it, which I initially attributed to the décor and the dress worn by the waitresses and the sushi chefs. But I uncovered an interesting fact while chatting up the sushi chef Saturday night. Of the approximately 150 sushi restaurants in Atlanta, Sushi Huku is one of 10 that are owned by a Japanese person. I am not exactly sure if this is true, but I have heard that many sushi places are owned and run by Koreans, so it wouldn’t surprise me. And of course in this town, where the trend is to add a sushi bar to make a restaurant “hip” (Tom Catherall), and you can definitely believe it.

Sushi Huku has a full menu of Japanese traditional meals, but I have come for sushi, so the only thing on the menu I will order is a large Asahi (not sure that it’s even on the menu, but it seemed like a clever thing to say). I go with my usual order (tuna, yellowtail, unagi, salmon) and even splurge with an order of toro- the premium fatty tuna. The highlight of my dinner is the Samurai Roll, recommended by the sushi chef. This roll features a lightly fried tuna roll served warm, covered in spicy tuna and an aioli dressing. Mucho yummy. (How to say this in Japanese?)

If I have one reservation about Sushi Huku, it seems like the food is served a tad too quick. I wouldn’t say I felt pressured to provide my order, but I was asked several times if I was ready. When I made my order with a Miso Soup, the fish came first. For the price of Sushi Huku, which with a drink can easily get to $40-$50 per person, I would like to be there for a little longer than 45 minutes.

The next time I go, however, I am going to try their Omakase dinner. I have had wonderful Omakase experiences at both Nobu in Las Vegas and Morimoto in Philadelphia. The cost of this multi-course, chef-selection meal can be prohibitive, getting to three figures in both the aforementioned institutions. At Sushi Huku, however, it is $50. If you decide to go this route, it is not featured on the menu, and the chefs request that you call in advance.

Steakhead Recommendation: Yes
Cost: $$$


Blogger D West said...

Yeah I am scared to try the little sushi place that just opend up next to me on S. Cobb Drive. You never know though it may be good. I will let you know after I try it sometime.

7:13 AM  

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