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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Open Letter to Meehan's & 101 Concepts

The wifey and I made our first trip to our favorite neighborhood watering hole last night since the birth of Baby Steakhead...Meehan's in Sandy Springs. We love this place for several reasons. First, its close. Second, it has the feel of a true English pub. And third, unlike true English pubs, the food is excellent. We love the appetizers- the pigs in a blanket, the sliders and especially the naked rangoons are all awesome.

Unfortunately, last night was the first night of a new menu, and the naked rangoons were conspicuously absent. From what I understand, the decision was based on the desire to have uniformity across all Meehan's locations. I am writing, nay begging, you to rethink this decision. From a customer's perspective, I will tell you this doesn't matter. 99% of my visits to Meehan's will take place in my local area which is Sandy Springs. And I can't imagine there is a major operational issue if one or two items on the menu are unique to a specific location. The Naked Rangoon is the kind of dish you make a special trip for. And from what we heard from the manager and our waitress, we are not the only customers who think this.

On a positive note, we tried the new Cheesesteak, and it was outstanding. So menu changes can be a good thing. Just don't replace the best thing on your menu. Please bring back the Naked Rangoons!


Blogger L1 said...

Naked Rangoon? Dare I ask what that is?

5:38 AM  

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