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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lunch Madness

The next two days are my favorite two days on the sports calendar- the first two days of the NCAA Basketball tournament. With multiple games being played simultaneously for over 12 hours, its enough to give every adult male a serious case of ADD. People say this is also the least two productive days in American workforce, as many of these games take place during weekday afternoons. I don't doubt that at all.

For me, I am taking tomorrow off and meeting for a nice lengthy lunch at Stool Pigeons in Midtown today. Why Stool Pigeons? Well, for today, its not entirely about the food. The requirements become much more about the view. With 3 games tipping off at 12:30, having good viewing angles becomes key. Stool Pigeons is a wide open sports bar, which should easily provide for optimal viewing.

I am curious how others will celebrate this annual ritual of unproductiveness? Also, let's hear your Final Fours. Mine is Florida, UCLA, Ohio St., and Texas...with UCLA beating the Longhorns in the finals.


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