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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Com Vietnamese Grill- A Buford Highway Gem

Immediately after finishing a fine meal at Com Vietnamese Grill on Bofrod Highway (just north of Skyland), I began thinking about this review. Undoubtedly, this has been the hardest review I have written to date. Not because of the food- all of it was wonderful. But, rather, in describing exactly what we ate.

Let's start of with the easiest part, Lady Steakhead, myself and another couple started off with an order of fried spring rolls and a large salad. The spring rolls were great, and the salad was very remiscent of a Thai Papaya Salad without the spice. There are even shavings of meat to accompany the salad.

As we moved the main the course, we sampled several different dishes. Our friends recommended an off-the-menu dish that was essentially create your own spring rolls. You dipped large shells in hot water to soften them and added the veggies and meat. For most dishes you choose from a wide selection of meats including beef, chicken, lamb, pork, flounder and others. For this dish, we had the pork tenderloin and it was great.

Other dishes we sampled included stuffed grape leaves and this dish with grilled meat over rice (I think we had beef with this one). The manager comped us a free dessert that can be best described as a cross of coconut pudding and lime jello. Very good.

I wish I could be more specific on this place, but I can tell you it was very good. My typical experience with Vietnamese has been with Pho and fried rice dishes. While good in their own right, I never found them to be overly filling. Not so with Com, which seems to specialize in meat dishes. The other thing that stands out with Com is that its not your typical Buford Highway joint. Its very nicely decorated in a modern theme. This place is not a a secret as it was packed, with a line waiting to be seated. They do take reservations so if you are going on a weekend, I would recommend making one. Thanks to E&S for the suggestion- this is a winner! Grade: A-.


Blogger Notajap said...

Love 'Com and he is opening another in Dunwoody next to Dunwoody Tavern!!!

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Gifted Gourmet said...

I have eaten at this lovely Vietnamese restaurant and was most impressed! Had duck in a grape leaf, rock candy shrimp dish, rare steak with some kind of great Asian tasting sauce, etc ... it was a few months back so memory fails me on specifics but I did leave very pleased with all we ate here ...

9:16 PM  

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