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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Amazed and Confused at Antica Posta

Pretty much since I first heard about Antica Posta, I was under the impression the name was due to the fact that the restaurant used to be a Post Office. You could see where I got this idea. But after several conversations with a bartender and two waiters, I got the true story. This is owner Marco Betti's second Antica Posta- the first being a rsetaurant in Tuscany located in an old post office. With this all straightened out, I could now focus on the task at hand- eating!

The restaurant, located on East Paces Ferry Road in Buckhead, is actually an old home converted to a restaurant. Betti's brother is the head chef (another brother is the head chef at the Tuscany location), and you get the feeling other Betti relatives are handling some of the other duties. For instance, our very well-attentive servers are native Italians and probably not long in the U.S. Being a converted home, the feel is very comfortable. I especially liked the room where the bar is located. A wide expanse of a room, with cathedral ceilings and exposed wooden beams.

As for the food, it was all outstanding. We started with a beef carpaccio, that melted in your mouth. Ladt Steakhead ordered the bruschetta, which was nice, although I find bruschetta to be somewhat boring. For main courses, LS ordered the pasta special- a bow-tie pasta with lobster, diced tomatoes and onions. Wow- this was goooood. I went in almost sold on the osso buco, which I have heard is the best in the city, but made an audible at the last minute towards the rack of lamb. I'm sure the osso buco is great, but I did not regret this decision at all. The meat was well seasoned and tender, and drizzled with their house olive oil, which they import directly from Tuscany.

Being the weekend before Valentine's Day, we splurged on dessert, and of course went with the Terra Misu. Toward the end of the meal, the Maitre d' informed us of a trip the restaurant organizes about twice a year. A food and wine tour of Tuscany. With the bambino coming, this isn't in the cards for us in the near term, but it is definitely on the list in the future. After an evening at his restaurant, I would trust Betti with my eating vacation. Grade: A.


Blogger L1 said...

I am salivating, reading this.

Suggestion: You might want to tell us how much you blew on dinner, and if wine or cocktails were included.

Money matters, as they say.

4:12 PM  
Blogger Steakhead said...

ahh good suggestion. I will look to incorporate a $$$ ratings going forward. We splurged a little, with two appetizers, entrees, wine for one and two dessrts, so we easily eclipsed $50/pp. This weekend, trying an Italian place that is rated by Zagat's as the best in the metro area- DiPaolo's. It goes against my grain a little since its in Alpharetta, but since I am now livin' large in the burbs, I should probably start getting used to it...

6:35 AM  

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