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Thursday, December 01, 2005

New School Boys Night

Y'all know the concept of Boys Night. Several years ago, my gang's variation of this would be to start at someone's apartment around 8 on a Saturday night to build a buzz. Call the cabs around 9:30 and first hit Buckhead Saloon around 10. After several games of pool, multiple gin and tonics or vodka and sprites, and many unplayed requests to their obnoxious house band (who played the same exact songs every weekend), we would meander over to the Tin Roof for sing along with the Francisco Vidal band. They would kick us out at 3, and then perhaps a visit to Hole In The Wall, before cabbing it home around 4.

Then some of us started to settle down and get married. So when Old School Boys Night was introduced last year as a way of reliving "the good ole days", it wasn't quite the same. Tin Roof closed. The crowds seemed to get younger (perhaps we got older?). For us marrried folk, there wasn't the incentive to try and hook up before the end of the night. And the hangovers lasted longer...much longer. (At least the Buckhead Saloon band didn't change- they still didn't take our requests and played the exact same songs).

So this weekend, a handful of us are doing New School Boys Night. First, we will start at Blue Pointe for cocktails. From there, we move onto New York Prime and some steaks from a place rated as the best restaurant in Atlanta (we'll see). Then, its on to Beluga for some martinis and the lounge singers. As I hit my late 30s, this is now much more my style. I can't wait. I'll report back next week.


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