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Monday, May 30, 2005

Pad Thai Disappoints

It wasn't too long ago when Pad Thai in the Highlands was regarded as one of the better Thai restaurants in town. Its combination of good food, intimate setting, trendy location and lack of other intown options made put it high on my list when considering a destination for Thai cuisine. It had been five years since my last visit to Pad Thai, and after a return on Friday night, it may be longer until my next visit.

The larb chicken appetizer we ordered had a weird consistency, and even tasted somewhat burned (although I could not see any evidence of burned food). For a main course, we went with the extra spicy green curry chicken, which was decent. The menu, though, seemed to lack some of the flair that newer intown establishments, such as Tamarind or Nan, have incorporated. I was also disappointed that on a Friday night, we were basically the only people in the place. I understand it was a holiday weekend, and that business may be a little slower, but that didn't affect the turnout at Fontaine's where we started the evening for Happy Hour.

The long and short of Pad Thai is that it has become ordinary. There is nothing that makes this place standout. In the Highlands, Surin has overtaken this place in terms of scenery and food. And if you venture outside the Highlands, there are definitely much better options, that may not have existed several years ago. Grade: C.


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