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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

High Flair and High Prices at Rosa Mexicana

Today was one of those days I really wished I had a camera phone (my new Treo is due to arrive tomorrow). I had lunch with an old colleague at Rosa Mexicana at Atlantic Station today, and presentation is one thing this place does very well, and unfortunately, I was not able to capture that moment. Even the iced tea, which is served individually in a small pitcher with a side of vanilla for sweetener, is all about effect.

Everyone I know that has been to Rosa talks about the tableside-prepared Guacamole, so that was a must for starters. It’s quite impressive- they wheel a large cart up to the table and mash all the ingredients right in front of your eyes. The good news is I now know how to make guacamole- chopped jalapenos, cilantro, salt all mashed together, then add chopped onion, tomato and spoon out one avocado, mash a little more and voila! It’s definitely worth trying once, and while its maybe worth the hype, it may not be worth the $10 price tag. (It does seem pretty easy to make- maybe I’ll open a small little guacamole stand outside the restaurant and sell for $5). The guacamole is served with chips, soft tortillas and several salsas that are also quite tasty.

For our entrees, we each had the beef tacos. Again, the presentation is king. Your tray has a small plate of medium-rare bites of beef, several small dishes with beans and corn, and a small spout of salsa. One small “beef” with this dish is that the meat is served in a dish with a layer of melted cheese. After a while, the grease from the meat and the melted cheese mixes into this unhealthy, “make an appointment with the cardiologist” layer of goop. I think it would have been better to have the cheese separate from the meat, even if it means the cheese isn’t melted.

The downside of Rosa Mexicana is price. With each entrée priced above $10, and guacamole costing $10, I wound up spending $25 for lunch. I could almost eat a week of lunches for this, and it’s not like I had lobster. I’d like to try it again for dinner to see how the margaritas are, how the menu expands for the evening hours, and most importantly, to see if I get out for less than $100 for two.

Steakhead Recommends: Jury Still Out
Price: $$$


Blogger MsYvone said...

I've been to the Rosa in Manhattan, seems they didn't adjust the prices from NYC to ATL... The 'rita's were awesome. Too bad that after my bachlorette party(s) with Lady Steakhead, I can't even look at another one...

9:30 AM  
Blogger D West said...

That has always been one of the problems on the Atlanta restuarant scene, the lack of good Mexican food. Even Lareo Neuveo (sp?), which everyone raves about is only ok. I guess I just got spoiled when I lived in San Antonio where they know how to make Picante Sauce.

8:58 AM  
Blogger Steakhead said...

For Tex-Mex, although it is a chain, I really like Papasito's. For authentic Mexican, Nuevo Laredo does have some traditional dishes (mole) not found in the "run-of-the-mill" Atlanta Mexican dives.

12:56 PM  

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