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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Paul's Restaurant- A Meal Worth Celebrating!

When our waiter asked us what we were celebrating on Saturday night at Paul's Restaurant, the response from Lady Steakhead and I was simultaneous and immediate. "We have a babysitter!" It has seemed like a year since we have had a night out, but our meal at Paul's made it worth the wait. Paul Albrecht, of Panos and Paul's fame, opened his own restaurant in the Peachtree Hills neighborhood last year. This was our first visit, but based on this experience, we will definitely be back!

Paul's offers two distinct spaces within the restaurant. The upstairs is quieter and more condusive to a romantic dinner. The downstairs space also houses the bar, a piano player, and an open kitchen, and is a more lively setting to dine. This was definitely more our style. Paul's offers an extensive (and somewhat complex) wine list, but I am going to save you all a lot of trouble. The house vineyard on Page 1 includes both a Chardonnay and a Cabernet, and sells for $6/glass or $25/bottle. Given how good the food is here, save your $$$ for that. The house wine is more than serviceable.

Paul's menu is quite diverse offering sushi, steaks, seafood, and Paul's signature dish for the past 25 years- the deep fried lobster tail, which can be ordered as an appetizer or an entree. LS and I split an order for an appetizer, along with an order of yellowtail sashimi. They were both phenomenal. The yellowtail was amongst the best I have had in the city, and the deep fried lobster tail? Well, we just couldn't stop with the appetizer portion. We each went with the Combination Grill for our entree, which includes a petit filet, a generous-sized lamb chop and 1/2 deep fried lobster tail. Yes, this was pure decadence (see picture above).

Paul's has jumped to the top of my list of favorite restaurants in Atlanta. The food is first rate, and the atmosphere is fun and inviting (we even saw several tables with kids). Chef Paul makes the rounds and chats with almost all his patrons. The cool thing here is that you can spend as much or as little as you want. We were extravagant, and no regrets. But a couple could definitely grab an appetizer, split a bottle of wine and enjoy 2 entrees and be out for under $100. We ran into a friend from business school who lives nearby, who said this is his "neighborhood place". I am jealous.

Steakhead Recommends: YES, YES, YES
Price: $$$-$$$$


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - yeah, it must be nice to have a $100 meal for 2 be considered "inexpensive". Inexpensive for my wife and I is pizza and beer for $25 ... or eating at home. But it sounds like you have kids and probably often eat at home, so it's nice that you could go out and treat yourselves. But under $100 isn't exactly CHEAP! ;-)

7:14 PM  
Blogger Steakhead said...

Agreed- should have clarified that this is for a special, nice night out. But its amazing how things add up even at the so called "mid-scale" chains. We went to Carabba's the other night and wound up spending close to $70 for really mediocre food. You could spend the same here and be blown away.

4:32 AM  

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